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Uri Online judge - 1012 | Area | problem solution in c

Timelimit: 1

Make a program that reads three floating point values: A, B and C. Then, calculate and show:
a) the area of the rectangled triangle that has base A and height C.
b) the area of the radius's circle C. (pi = 3.14159)
c) the area of the trapezium which has A and B by base, and C by height.
d) the area of ​​the square that has side B.
e) the area of the rectangle that has sides A and B.


The input file contains three double values with one digit after the decimal point.


The output file must contain 5 lines of data. Each line corresponds to one of the areas described above, always with a corresponding message (in Portuguese) and one space between the two points and the value. The value calculated must be presented with 3 digits after the decimal point.

Solution: Read my solution

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